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Holiday Deal Buster

deal buster

Challenge us to find you a better holiday.
Call 01457 833444 and give us just a few hours to do our
personalised DEAL BUSTER RESEARCH* and find you a better holiday (we always call you back).

Comparing prices is a nightmare

With hundreds of web sites and an inexhaustible combination of departure dates, durations, board basis, room options, airlines, and flight times how do you know you have found the best deal? The answer is that unless you do this for a living you probably haven't. Probably nowhere near.

That's why, in 99% of cases we CAN find you a better deal.


  • by finding much better accommodation for similar (or less) money.
  • by finding different suppliers with bigger discounts
  • by finding the exact dates where the combination of flights and accommodation is cheapest
  • by selecting unusual durations (to fit cheaper flight schedules)

Your job is to drink cocktails like the one above. Our job is to find you a better deal.

We don't just compare prices. We find better value for money

The easy way...

Challenge us to find you a better deal.
Call us on 01457 833444 and give us just a few hours to do our DEAL BUSTER RESEARCH and find you a better holiday. (Email us here).


Have you noticed it takes about 30 seconds to check availability and prices across multiple hotels and flight suppliers? That is for just one destination on just one departure date for just one holiday duration. We have a computer program that checks multiple dates and multiple durations. We call it the "Deal Buster" because it is so comprehensive that it takes over half an hour to run. We can feed it a combination of dates and durations to run a comprehensive search to find the best value holiday to fit your specific criteria. It will even check return flights with different airlines to get you the best deal.

Email us your requirements here or call us to discover for yourself the power of DEAL BUSTER RESEARCH.

Read all about why price comparison does not get you the best deal.

Why choose Discover Holidays

We are not a call centre. We are a hard working and very experienced travel company with no debts and full financial protection through Worldchoice and ATOL bonding. We pride ourselves on how we sell holidays. Read our 9 GOLDEN RULES to see how we do everything we can to give you a better holiday.

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